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BioShock 2 provides players the perfect blend of explosive shooter combat
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BioShock is a first-person, action game for Windows, XBOX 360 and recently, PS3. The game actually feels a lot like a movie, and there have been talks to promote the filming of a movie about the game. That's how good this game is. When the game starts, you are on-board a passenger plane that is flying over the Pacific. Suddenly, the plane crashes in the ocean and you are able to swim to a sort of building in the middle of nowhere. Since it is your only chance at survival, you enter it. You find that the building was constructed several years before your time. The builder wanted to create an utopia, but some accidents happened and the people who survived were no longer the same. You are then to solve the story by yourself, with the help of someone who is giving you instructions all along. I only managed to play the first level of the demo and I was scared all throughout it. The music is nerve-wreaking and the sounds are scary. The graphics are great and it is fun to see all the details of this science-fiction scenario. The whole world is underwater, so a wrong move could potentially get you all killed.

Priscilla Bianchi
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  • Great graphics and story line
  • It is like watching a horror movie


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